Unika Team

A real yogi in modern life, with expertise in Yoga Therapy, Yoga competitions, and scientific research!

Dr. Kuldeep K Kushwah

Director of Yoga Education, Lead Trainer

A dedicated educator for over 15 years, Stephanie holds the belief that there are no boundaries on the yoga mat, Yoga embraces individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.


Studio Manager and Yoga Instructor

Belinda believes Yoga provides better living not just from gaining flexibility and strength. Through regular practice, Yoga allows us to achieve holistic health and happiness.


Yoga Instructor

Khushboo believes that growth comes from consistency, perseverance, dedication, hard work, and from experiencing things outside our comfort zone.


Yoga Instructor

Priscilla hopes to inspire beginner practitioners to embrace themselves through the practice of yoga and mindfulness.


Yoga Instructor

Sandra strongly believes that yoga is a path of self-discovery. The practice of yoga provides the opportunity to align the self both mentally and physically into a balance


Yoga Instructor

Pei Ling finds Yoga as an enriching, self-discovery and self-development journey.

Pei Ling

Yoga Instructor

Wei Bin believes that Yoga is a journey best travelled at your own pace. A wise friend once said, “No one is too inflexible to do yoga. You can’t be too dirty to take a shower!

Wei Bin

Yoga Instructor

Bee was drawn to yoga in believing that lessons learnt on the mat can provide perspective and healing when managing life’s challenges.


Yoga Instructor