200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

I highly recommend this 200 hours course for any aspiring Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTCC) at Unika Yoga. Course content: Tailor made for this session. It starts with Ashtanga (8 limbs) and ends with latest teaching best practices. Dr Kuldeep ji has included his own flexibility and strengthening sequences to improve personal practices. And many advanced poses for challenging his students. Some other courses just give books like ‘Light on Yoga’ that cover classical practices but here you will get detailed instructions to get started with latest teaching methodology. A fellow YTTC student at another center was impressed with course material and wanted a copy for his own reference. Dr Kuldeep: a real life modern yogi! (borrowing someone else’s words). Extremely knowledgeable and humble to the core. He can cover 1 page of course in 30 minutes or can go on for 3+ hours. Best part is that you would learn a lot in those innumerable hours. Class environment: open, friendly and nurturing. Flexibility: required for working professionals like me and supported sufficiently by both Dr. Kuldeep and Ms. Stephanie. When students missed the classes, they recorded sessions for students so that they don’t miss out on leanings. Icing on cake: Ms Stephanie brings in her 15+ years of classroom teaching experience to elevate the professionalism of content delivery. If you have come this far and still not decided to sign up for the course, suggest to sign up for few classes and experience Dr Kuldeep in action!

Gururaj Upadhye
Group classes for beginners

Studio is conveniently located in Bencoolen, accessible by trains and buses. My first studio to start off my yoga journey and am satisfied as a beginner. Hips, Shoulders & Back Stretch class with yoga instructor Stephanie is easy to follow and suitable for beginners with no yoga foundation. Stephanie is patient, clear with her instructions and goes the extra mile to understand physical constraint of each student. Tried Gentle Strength class as well with yoga instructor Pei Ling to strengthen my yoga foundation and it was fulfilling. Pei Ling makes the effort to understand limitations of her students and carefully guide them to execute poses safely. Highly recommended for students seeking to have well paced classes in relaxed setting by dedicated yoga teachers.

Shaune Lin
Personal Training (PT)

I went to Dr. Kuldeep (I call him guruji) as a last resort after doctors in USA, India and Singapore failed to cure my chronic pain issues for leg and back pain. It was my last hope. We did personal yoga therapy for many months and I didn't see progress. Guruji never gave up on me and continued working with me patiently and compassionately. I'm finally seeing noticeable progress after many PT sessions and am truly delighted. What I really admire about guruji is his humble nature, his total commitment to helping his clients, his hardworking ethics and his deep knowledge of yoga both from theory and experience and he brings a warm and caring personality as a bonus. If you are suffering from an ailment or simply lack of balance in your life, seek out guruji. I am confident he can bring positive change to your life.

Michael Davé
Yoga Retreat

Glad to be part of Unika Bali Yoga Retreat. It was an awesome and eye-opening experience to be able to meet all the nice peeps from all walks of life - and importantly, being able to experience Dr. Kuldeep's guidance, genuinity and keeness to share knowledge and information about Yoga. Thank you Stephanie for the well planned trip!

Sal Sim
Group classes for regular practitioners

Unika yoga classes have been great to improve my yoga practices. The flow is always designed thoughtfully that you can feel the micro-improvement every time you go for the next class. Teachers and peers are also always supportive and encouraging so it’s really a good place where people are genuine of their yoga practices.

Shin O
200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

A place for everyone, beginners to explore, regulars to break thru and become advanced practitioners. Great yoga studio opened by one of the best yoga teachers in town! Additional review: also took 200h yoga teacher training course from them (led by Dr Kuldeep) and love it. It was a mind changing experience, I got to understand what yoga truly is, was immersed in a nurturing, kind, encouraging and peaceful environment. The teachers are so precise in the technique be it asana or anatomy, physiology… i also love the fact that they emphasise on the teaching skills, how you as a new teacher can really help your future students/practitioners physically and mentally. Needless to say, 💯 recommended to anyone who aspire to be a yoga teacher or who want to learn yoga properly.

Yoga Retreat

Had a great experience during Unika Yoga Retreat 2024 @ Rishikesh! Lots of new and spiritual experiences during this trip. I have also met like-minded friends. Love every bit of this well-planned for retreat. Thank you Unika!

Wu Yulei