Kuldeep Sir is one of the few yoga teachers who has a deep understanding of the many facets of yoga. Whether you are looking for yoga therapy, study on scriptures and yoga philosophy, or advanced yoga training to deepen your physical practice, Kuldeep Sir is the best teacher to guide you in your yoga journey. I have been under his guidance these last 5 years and it has transformed my practice. When I started yoga, I was the most inflexible and weak as I was averse to working out. 5 years later, I can do advanced postures and have almost completely healed from my painful endometriosis. I have attended almost all his workshops and have received a wealth of information from each one. The physical and mental benefits I received has had a ripple effect on my husband and kids as well. I have full trust in him and I can say with confidence that making the decision to start or advance your practice with Kuldeep Sir will be the best decision you make.

– Tina Boby

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to know Dr Kuldeep since my YICC training in 2018.
From the very first day I attended Dr Kuldeep’s class, I have enjoyed his enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor. He made everyone felt welcome and comfortable, especially me, with zero knowledge of yoga at that time.

I simply fell in love with the manner in which Dr Kuldeep designed his classes. For me each class was a form of Yoga poetry. When I left his classes, I felt spiritually polished as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer. He begins class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which a student can set intention. From here he weaves Yogic wisdom and encourages mindfulness as he slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures. He begins class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which a student can set intention. From here he weaves Yogic wisdom and encourages mindfulness as he slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures.
His classes are both subtle and rigorous. Dr Kuldeep trusts the ancient wisdom of Yoga and can lead others with grace into a powerful weave of integration allowing mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment.

Through his coaching, I have now become a yoga teacher myself, sharing the knowledge that he has instilled in me. All the guidance he has extended to me helped me see what I wanted more clearly. My life has shifted in many amazing ways, I feel more alive and more me than ever before. Thank you Sir.

With love and gratitude,
Riza Saidi
Forever your student


Sir Kuldeep has been a friendly, patient and knowledgeable teacher whom I have learnt yoga from since 2019. I still can remember clearly when I attended his fully-packed class for the first time. I was the last to reach (though I was on time). Back then, I was simply unable to do any of the poses and was trembling throughout. But he has been always very encouraging, very patient and always speaking kind words.

At the age of 50, I decided to take up Yoga Instructor training course to deepen my knowledge and was so happy to learn that he will be teaching some of our classes. That gave me even more motivation to learn!

I have my own personal issues such as neck and shoulder tightness, lack of arm and core strength, the list goes on. But I continued to take up Personal Yoga Training with Sir Kuldeep to work on my weaknesses, with a customised plan to work and improve on the poses based on my body capabilities. Day by day, I improved with doing poses that I have never done before with greater confidence, strength and flexibility! I felt so much freedom in my body and mind as well! I also attended most of his advanced yoga and yoga therapy workshops that were really enlightening with valuable yoga theories, philosophies, body anatomy and asana practice. I have high respect for Sir Kuldeep and I was writing this, I felt lots of gratitude for him sincerely.

Thanks for your amazing and selfless teachings to impart your knowledge to us! I hope to do likewise and help spread this wisdom to help heal my friends and clients too!

Agnes Tay
Founder & Business Strategist
AT Marketing Consultancy
RYT 200
Active Hive / Active for Life Yoga

I have been enjoying Dr Kuldeep’s online classes for 2+ years on daily basis. Learnt a lot and feel great! Friends and colleagues have said that my ‘transformation’ is inspirational, amazing and I appear 10+ years younger.

– Gururaj Upadhye

The best there is!

Dr. Kuldeep’s energy and kind soul shines through him in every session. He is not just another yoga teacher but one who is genuine and compassionate. Even through the toughest times of “lockdown”, he was able to deliver yoga practices, workshops and teachers training courses that was on another level. I walked into Dr. Kuldeep’s class not knowing much about yoga, mindfulness and meditation but came out feeling on top of the world and I find myself attending his sessions as often as I could. He accepts every student as they are and welcomed me with open arms. With his skills, endearing voice and energy that illuminates the entire room, he holds a space for the yoga community and teaches with a focus on alignment and technique, and also on growth and positivity. I look forward to each of his classes as a way of starting the day and for some time to reflect. He definitely has had a profoundly positive impact on me, my well-being, my family and to the entire yoga community.

– Deepa Shalini Chandran


Dr Kuldeep guides me to ensure proper alignment for the challenging poses that I always wanted. He is always hands-on, demonstrating or adjusting our poses. He always encourages me and give me confidence to achieve the poses. I enjoy his classes very much!

– Sachiko Nagai