Back, Neck and Sciatic Pain 25 hours

Yoga Therapy for Back, Neck and Sciatic Pain 25 hours

Back, neck and sciatic pain are common complaints, especially in a developed and stressful society like Singapore. If nothing is done about the pain, it can get worse, spread, and limit you further.

Back, neck and sciatic pain affect millions of people worldwide. Condition relates to not only pain, but also increased disability, psychological symptoms, and reduced quality of life. According to survey reports, more than 50% of adults have suffered from back pain each year and 70% to 80% of adults are troubled by it at some time in their life. Millions of dollars are spent on back pain care annually and millions of dollars are lost due to loss of manpower productivity.

Despite several treatment options available, not even a single stands out as being the most effective approach. In recent time, yoga interventions have been studied and documented scientifically for better prevention, management and cure of back, neck and sciatic pain.

Join Dr. Kuldeep in this course as he shares his expertise on Yoga Therapy for back, neck and sciatic pain. Dr. Kuldeep to date has safely helped numerous cases to overcome their back, neck and sciatic issues. This workshop has re-run for many times and have received lots of compliments and great feedback. Past attendees of this workshop together with their clients have all benefited.

Therapy-Based Workshop