About Unika Yoga Studio

About Unika Yoga Studio, The Bencoolen, Singapore

The word ‘Unika’ originated from the word ‘union’ or ‘unity’. Yoga is union – union of mind, body and soul, breath and movement, Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingla nadis, or simply, people coming together for the greater good.

‘Unika’ is also derived from the word ‘unique’, meaning each individual is unique in his or her own ways. Yoga unites the uniqueness of everyone and greater is achieved. Every school, every practitioner is unique. We all progress in our own directions.
At Unika Yoga & Therapy, we believe that anyone can practise and benefit from yoga practice, regardless of body type, age, gender or religion. With appropriate modifications and consistency in practice, anyone can enjoy the benefits yoga bring to your mind, body and soul. Unika Yoga & Therapy is your perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of urban living. inclusivity, safety and results are our priorities while allowing students of all levels of proficiency to progress in this safe space. Unika Yoga serves all that you need, whether you are looking to becoming a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, simply wanting to continue your learning to upgrade your yoga skills or would like to kickstart your yoga practice.

Logo Unika Yoga Studio in Singapore

Our Logo

The Unika logo has the word ‘Unika’ in red colour, symbolising universal brotherhood, as well as passion and joy in yoga. ‘Universal Brotherhood’ refers to the oneness of the whole world – equality in man. The circle around the logo represents unity, inclusivity and community. The seven petals resemble a flower blooming with life force and the sun rays spreading light and energy to everything around, all seven days in a week. The golden yellow colour in the petals symbolises wisdom, optimism and generosity. 

Our Vision

Wellness and growth in overall 
personality, with no one left out.

Our Mission

To make a positive difference in the lives of people seeking to experience the practice of yoga, enabling them to lead better & healthier lives. To create a community space where students feel safe and inclusive, without competition.

Our Values

Sincerity & Gratitude
Compassion & Inclusivity
Passion & Commitment
Integrity & Peace