Yoga Instructor Pei Ling

Yoga Instructor Pei - Ling, Unika Yoga Studio, The Bencoolen, Singapore

What started of as a recreational form of exercise became a serious passion for Pei Ling.

Being vocal and energetic in nature, Pei Ling’s friends and yoga instructor encouraged her to consider being a professional yoga teacher as they have confidence she will make a good one with her friendly and approachable personality. Pei Ling pursued her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, she found the learning enriching and it was a journey of self-discovery and self-development, thereafter she continued to pursue the 100-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and continuously upgrades herself in various yoga-related workshops.

As a certified yoga teacher now, Pei Ling understands how the knowledge and values of yoga can be applied to our daily lives, helping everyone cope with day to day challenges, leading to overall wellness. Yoga takes place not just during a session but in fact, throughout the entire day. She believes in sharing the knowledge to everyone who wishes to incorporate yoga in their lives and make improvement to their health. Most importantly, Pei Ling wishes to share with her students the joy and happiness she has found in yoga.