Designed by our founder and lead yoga trainer Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Kushwah, Unika’s 100-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (AYTTC) is an in-depth training course that enhances and deepens the skills and knowledge of passionate yoga practitioners who wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge and skills and pursue further certification beyond the basic 200 hours YTT. The course empowers yoga practitioners who are committed to their personal practice and seeking continuous progress.


The AYTTC curriculum is rich and extensive, Unika Yoga and Therapy is one of the very few schools in Singapore to launch such an advanced course to introduce these exquisite and advanced techniques to keen yoga practitioners seeking progress and depth in their practice.


With extensive theoretical, scientific and practical knowledge, Dr. Kuldeep, with his over two decades of experience in yoga, combines practice, philosophy and science in the design of this course. He adopts this method of integration in his teaching so that students receive the best of the East and the best of the West.


Course objectives

  • Enhance advanced yoga techniques demonstration beyond YTT200
  • Acquire a more in-depth understanding of the philosophy and science of Hatha Yoga
  • Build up content knowledge and competency, elevate one’s journey in self-growth and progression
  • Increase confidence as a yoga teacher by developing self-awareness, upgrading self-practice and professional teaching skills
  • Experience the benefits from the practice of Advanced Asanas, Advanced Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas and Advanced Pranayama
  • Deepen knowledge of yoga anatomy, thereby being able to deconstruct Yogasanas and helping students to achieve Yogasanas in a safe manner

Key syllabus

1. Concept of Yoga & Hatha Yoga

  • Revisit the foundational aspects of yoga
  • Explore various definitions of yoga and its branches, tracing the rich history and lineage of Hatha Yoga, referencing popular texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Gain insights into the concepts of success and failure in yoga, alongside the ethical principles of Yama and Niyama
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga practices

2. Advanced Asanas

  • Preparatory set of practice to enhance flexibility and strength
  • Learn anatomical reference point for each asana category, in order to deconstruct asanas and thereby knowing which muscle groups or joints to work on
  • In-depth study of over 60 postures – correct alignment, benefits, techniques and their variations with and without props

3. Advanced Kriya

  • Understand the principles behind, the meaning and aims of these traditional practices
  • Study these traditional advanced practices beyond asanas, their benefits and how to use them to enhance overall well-being

4. Advanced Mudra

  • Explore the etymology and origins of these symbolic gestures, tracing their roots in ancient yogic and spiritual traditions
  • Gain insight into the aims of mudras, which extend beyond mere physical postures to encompass the subtle manipulation of prana, or life force energy
  • Learn the benefits of and practise 35 mudras from 11 categories

5. Advanced Bandha

  • Gain a deeper appreciation of the transformative potential of advanced bandhas in yoga practice by exploring the essence of these energetic locks in yoga practice and their aim in redirecting prana and awakening spiritual energy
  • Learn the specific actions and techniques involved in performing bandhas, thereby understanding the effects of bandhas on the chakras and granthis

6. Advanced Pranayama

  • Learn the benefits and techniques, thereafter practise 4 types of pranayama at an advanced level, incorporating Kumbhaka, Mudra and Bandha
  • Study the ancient wisdom of Pranayama as presented in the classical texts
  • Explore the philosophy underlying the concepts of prana and pranayama, gaining insights into their significance in yoga practice
  • Understand the physiology of respiration and how pranayama techniques impact the breath and the flow of prana within the body
  • Deepen appreciation for the transformative power of advanced pranayama practice in achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being through a combination of traditional wisdom and modern science

7. Anatomy and Biomechanics of Yogasanas

  • Drills for each asana category targeting specific muscle groups and joints
  • Delve in-depth and explain joint movements during yogasanas using anatomical terms
  • In-depth understanding of and learn to be able to explain the actions of major muscles during yogasanas

Course Fee

$1,998 nett

Course Schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
9.30am to 2.30pm
16 sessions

Unika Yoga AYTTC perks

  •  Enjoy unlimited group classes with Dr. Kuldeep throughout your course duration (worth $400)
  • Recording of session upon request if students are unable to attend a particular session
  • Hybrid mode – attend in-studio or virtually (even when overseas)