Hips, Splits and Shoulders 10 hours

Hips, Splits & Shoulders

Deepen and strengthen your practice in this 10-hour workshop focused on opening the tightest areas in your body – your shoulders and hip. With shoulders and hips opened, indulge in your backbend and split yogasanas, and explore splits in inversion and arm balance!

Why Hips !

The hip joint and the pelvis area are the connection between the upper and the lower part of the body. It is therefore an important area for all kinds of movements, including our daily activities. Hips are the centre of gravity in our bodies, hence, in a lot of yoga postures, our hips must move to get into the poses.


By improving the range of motion and circulation in the hips, we improve our performance not only in yoga postures but also in daily activities, thereby reducing chance of injury as flexibility increase. When hips are tight or causing misalignment, it can have a big effect on our back, knees and even feet.

Why Shoulders?

As we spend an increasing amount of time in front of our smart devices, our shoulders are in a rounded position and the upper back is hunched forward for long periods of time. Over time, the muscles and joints in this area can become ‘fixed’ in this improper alignment, resulting in the shoulder joint losing its natural range of motion. By learning to open and realign our shoulders, it sets the stage for strengthening muscles like the deltoids and the rotator cuff so that we keep our shoulder joints stable and happy. At the same time, proper alignment in our shoulders open the chest for better posture and better breathing.

Learn anatomy of the multi-axial joints of your shoulders and hips that permit a wide range of motion – flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, external rotation, internal rotation and circumduction. Learn proper and effective warm up drills to open your shoulders and hips after deepening your understanding on important muscles acting at the shoulders and hip joints. Learn to use props correctly to reach the postures which require shoulders and hip opening. During the workshop, you will also explore how shoulder and hip opening help in achieving different categories of yogasanas (shoulder opening in backbend, splits in inversion, splits in arm balance). Attempt splits postures in this workshop to experience the potential of your shoulders and hips.

Asana-Based Workshop