Yoga Teacher Training Course - 200 Hours >> Syllabus

(IV) Teaching Methodology and Professional Development

  1. Teaching Methodology and Ethics
    1. Complete sequencing of a session, its rationale & objectives
    2. Lesson planning, pace and sequence
    3. Instructions and cueing (verbal, visual and physical)
    4. Demonstration and Adjustment
    5. Classroom Environment and Management
  2. Ethics and Professional Development
    1. Yoga Alliance – what, why and how?
    2. Professional Development – continuing education and upgrading competencies
    3. Professionalism of a Yoga teacher
    4. Marketing and promotion
    5. Liability waiver insurance and invoicingV) Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy

(V) Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT)

  1. IAYT
      • Pancha Kosha and Concept of Diseases
      • The concept of IAYT

(VI) Teaching Practice and Mentorship

  1. Practicum
    1. Levelling up competency in techniques and practice
    2. Self-reflection and journalling
    3. Submission of assignments
    4. Pair and group practice
    5. Teaching practice
    6. Karma Yoga
    7. Professional teaching opportunities with Unika Yoga