Frozen Shoulder 5 hours

Yoga Therapy for Frozen Shoulder 5 hours by Dr. Kuldeep Kushwaah

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition characterised by pain, stiffness and loss of normal range of motion in your shoulder joint. Simple actions like taking an everyday item off an overhead shelf or fastening your bra can be impossible when you have a frozen shoulder. The anatomy of the shoulder joint is intricate and unique, yet this intricate joint has a wider and more varied range of motion than any other part of the body. Sedentary lifestyle and desk-bound jobs coupled with bad sitting postures with little to no movement in the shoulder region is one of the main reasons working professionals are facing frozen shoulder symptoms.

Yoga therapy is an effective way to heal the inflammation and reduce stiffness and pain. Yoga therapy helps to reduce stress and tension in the shoulder area and mobility is improved. In this 5-hour workshop, you will learn the anatomy of the shoulder joint, its muscles and their common movements, the rotator cuff tendinitis and frozen shoulder; study the symptoms, causes, stages of development of frozen shoulder, possible risk factors and its management; equip yourself with yoga therapy for frozen shoulder and get curated yoga practices for the 3 stages of frozen shoulder.

Therapy-Based Workshop