Yoga Instructor Tina

Yoga Instructor Tina, Unika Yoga Studio, The Bencoolen, Singapore

Tina completed her Teacher Training in 2016. Thereafter, she continued upgrading her skills and has since been certified in Advanced Hatha Yoga, Sound Healing, Yoga Therapy for Back and Neck, Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. Despite spending the past 6 years teaching, she thinks knowledge is never enough. Tina strongly believes in having a student mindset and is now a student of the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavat Gita and Sanskrit

Yoga came into her life only in adulthood, as part of a spiritual seeking to help deal with life’s challenges and it has since transformed her life. She seeks to impart the true essence of yoga in all her classes. In her style of teaching, she believes it is important for students to feel comfortable in their practice while still pushing their boundaries of what they think they can do. With her gentle guidance, she encourages her students to listen to their own body and breath and make the practice their own.

She believes that what sets an advanced practitioner apart from a beginner is less about the poses they can do, but more about the feeling and awareness brought about while in the pose. Asana is only one of the 8 limbs of Yoga. Hence, Tina’s approach is always a more holistic one that includes the other mostly forgotten limbs of yoga as well.