Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course - 100 Hours (AYTTC)

Designed by our founder and lead yoga trainer Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Kushwah, Unika’s 100-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (AYTTC) is an in-depth training course that enhances and deepens the skills and knowledge of passionate yoga practitioners who wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge and skills and pursue further certification.

The AYTTC curriculum is rich and extensive, Unika Yoga and Therapy is one of the very few schools in Singapore to launch such an advanced course to introduce these exquisite and advanced techniques to keen yoga practitioners seeking progress and depth in their practice.

With extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, Dr. Kuldeep, with his 22 years of experience in learning, practising and teaching yoga, combines philosophy and science in the design of this course. He adopts this method of integration in his teaching so that students receive the best of the East and the best of the West.

Aims and objectives

This in-depth course enhances and deepens the skills and knowledge of passionate yoga practitioners who wish to continue their progress. It aims to empower yoga practitioners who are committed to their personal practice and seeking continuous progress.

Students will:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the philosophy and science of Hatha Yoga;
  • Develop deeper self-awareness;
  • Upgrade their self-practice and professional teaching skills;
  • Develop self-confidence in the teaching of yoga;
  • Deepen their knowledge of yoga anatomy;
  • Enhance their advanced yoga techniques demonstration;
  • Experience the benefits from the practice of Advanced Asanas, Advanced Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas and Advanced Pranayama.

    This 100 hours course consists of 80 contact hours and 20 non-contact hours. Non contact hours include revision for assessment on Zoom, group or self practice and self-study of prescribed texts. Practical hours make up 75% of the course and theory hours about 25%. Throughout the course, each session consists of both theory and practice. The practice session consists of a combination of demonstrations, clear instructions, revision of advanced Asanas, peer teaching, physical adjustment, along with other practical components of Hatha Yoga.
  1. Enjoy unlimited group classes with Dr. Kuldeep throughout your course duration (worth $400);
  2. Flexibility of attending make up sessions in future batches for missed lessons;
  3. Recording of session upon request if students are unable to attend a particular session;
  4. Special discounts for our future programmes;
  5. Hybrid mode – attend in-studio or virtually (even when overseas);

Preparatory practice & Anatomical reference point

• Body preparation for the advanced course – A set of flexibility and strength practice
• For each asana category: Anatomical points and studying anatomical movements
• Drills for each asana category. 

Date: 30th Oct – 15th Dec,  2023
Time: 09:30 am – 01:30 pm
Number of Sessions: 20 (4Hours/Session)

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (AYTTC) - AYTTC
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