Advanced Backbend 10 hours

Advanced backbend 10 hrs by Dr. Kuldeep K Kushwaah

Back bend

Learn to advance your backbending postures in a safe and proper way in this 10-hour Backbend Workshop. Many students often crave for deep backbends so that they will be able to perform advanced backbending postures which look graceful to many. At the same time, students experience fear, resistance, lack of strength or back compression, because these advanced backbending postures take us beyond the range of motion that we use on a day-to-day basis, or in fact backbends make us move in the opposite direction that we usually do every day. 
Apart from being able to perform advanced backbending postures, practising backbends brings about health benefits. Backbends stretch and expand the chest, therefore induce deeper breathing and thereby increase oxygen levels in the blood, leading to higher metabolism rate. Backbends also create strength in all of the muscles of the back to improve postures.

In the workshop, understand the anatomical aspects of a backbend – the muscles and joint movements involved in back bending postures, so that you get an understanding of where you should keep your focus and intention when attempting an advanced backbend posture. Learn proper and effective techniques to warm up your spine, shoulders, hip flexors and lateral muscles. Learn drills and poses to strengthen the muscles required to support and stabilise your backbends. Learn to use props correctly to reach advanced backbend postures and attempt advanced backbend postures in this workshop.

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